Buying Or Renting Around The Bay Area? Seek Mold Testing Services First

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

If you are about to buy/rent residential or commercial space around the Bay Area, or anywhere else for that matter, it is important to have the space checked for mold first. Mold grows in damp and moist places, and considering you may not understand the history of the property you are buying, there is a chance that mold may be an issue. For that reason, it is wise to seek professional mold inspection and mold testing services before signing any property deal.   Mold can be harmful to property and to your health Mold is not just embarrassing to have, it also poses real threats to anyone working or living within a space infested by it.
  • For one, mold can damage any item or fixture it grows on. This can be a leather sofa, a wooden bookshelf, or your ceiling. And if left to grow for long, the damage caused can be irreversible. This can translate to loss of money because you’d have to replace these items.
  • Mold also pollutes indoor air quality and this can have negative effects on the health of the people living on the property. Such effects include coughing, sneezing, eye and nose irritation, asthma, and allergic reactions.
  • Mold can also pose a threat to your business. For food or drink-related businesses especially, mold can even cause a suspension of operating licenses.
  You never know if there’s mold until you look for it testing for mold before moving inMold can be found on any given property, even around the Bay Area which is warmer than other regions to the east of the country. And just because a property has been remodeled and spruced up should not lead you to assume that mold may not exist there. You never know where mold is lurking. So always seek mold testing Bay Area, CA services first. Some of the areas where mold is likely to be found include kitchen areas, bathrooms, and water heater rooms.   Professionals can discover mold where you can’t A lot of people looking to buy or rent a property often assume that they would be able to tell if a property has mold or not. This is not correct. Mold sometimes tends to hide where one cannot see. For example, one of the areas where mold is often discovered is under and behind kitchen sinks. It’s only through professionals that you can give any given property a clean bill of health as far as mold is concerned. Professionals use specialized equipment to look for mold. They checks for mold spores in the air, they take moisture readings of given hot spots around the property, and they visually inspect areas that are thought to have mold or areas that could be harboring mold.   Mold inspection will save you mold removal and treatment costs If you rent or buy a property without having it checked for mold, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in mold removal and treatment fees. But if you pay a small cost to have professionals test for mold, you get to avoid these costs, or you can negotiate with the seller to have these costs deducted from the property price.