San Francisco

We are the leading provider of mold inspection services within the city of San Francisco and the greater SF Bay Area. Our scientific methods, our honesty, our due diligence, our professionalism, and our friendly approach to solving mold issues are some of the reasons why we are a trusted authority in the region. These values apply to all types of businesses and we understand that our industry is no exception to the same rules.

When called upon, we will come to your address and apply a number of methods to help you understand your mold situation with clarity. We apply visual inspections, tracing of water damage, we check for high humidity and dampness, we carry out moisture reading, and we look for mold infestation. These are some of the pointers that we use to detect and unearth mold issues in any given structure.We also carry out mold testing to see if various spaces have elevated levels of mold in the air.

Areas we serve in San Francisco

As a Bay Area firm we know San Francisco quite well. We can come to you no matter where you are within the city. And because we are based just across the Bay in Richmond, we can get to you within a very short period of time.

Some of the areas we serve within SF include Mission District, Daly City, Dogpatch, Presidio, North Beach, Sunset District, Twin Peaks, Hunter’s Point, Brisbane, Colma, San Bruno, San Pedro, Millbrae, San Mateo, Moss Beach, El Granada, Miramar, Portola, and many others.

Why you should seek a mold inspection for your SF property

It is better for you to seek a mold inspection and discover that your property has no mold as opposed to not carrying out an inspection and letting an undiscovered infestation get worse. Of course, a mold inspection is only warranted if there is sufficient reason to point to one. We advise our clients to get a mold inspection if:

  1. They are looking to buy a property
  2. They are looking to sell a property
  3. They want to remodel a property
  4. They have had damp/moisture/water damage concerns
  5. They have discovered a mold issue and want to see if there are other affected areas within the property
  6. They want to establish the condition of their home and the state of their indoor air quality

People who come to us for mold inspections in San Francisco

House hunters – We help them avoid properties that may have mold issues. Or at the very least, we help them identify mold threats in properties they are interested in.

Real estate agents -We work hand in hand with real estate agents to help them identify and eradicate mold issues before listing or selling a property.

Small business owners – We help them manage structural and health risks that could affect businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and more.

Property developers and contractors – We help them avoid structural losses brought about by undetected mold infestations.

Ask for a quote

You can get a free (non-obligatory) quote from us. Just give us a call via the number provided on our home page and you’ll be able to speak to one of our representatives.