Company Credentials

We understand very well that professional relationships, such as the one we offer, rely on trust. But we do not ask for your trust blindly. Rather, we have the requisite credentials to speak on our behalf. These credentials serve as proof of our professionalism. And we have more than just the basic credentials to show for this. We have gone above and beyond what is expected of us – just like our service delivery.

Fully insured

Mold inspection is a pretty low-risk service compared to other services such as paving or building construction and demolitions. Nevertheless, we have a huge insurance policy in place to guarantee that your home, your family, and any other property you have will be protected in case of damage or loss when we are working for you. This never happens when we are on the job but it serves to provide peace of mind to you anyhow. After all, would you rather work with a company that is insured or one that is not?

Fully certified

Certification is very important when it comes to mold inspection services. How else would you be able to prove that your property or a property that you manage/rent has been attended to by mold inspection specialists? The answer is that you wouldn’t. And you would run the risk of losing your money. Luckily for you, at Optimum Mold Inspection we are certified to issue a mold clearance and testing certificate for every job. This certificate comes in handy if you’re vacating rented premises or are about to buy/sell a property. It assures the other party that the premises are safe and clear of a mold infestation.

Don’t work with a company that has no certification

Make sure that you only work with mold inspection, mold testing or mold remediation companies that have the necessary certifications. Without these certifications you do not know if the people you are working with are legit. Our certifications and inspection certificates assure you that your property has been well inspected by a duly registered company. Without this certificate, you have no legal proof that your property has been inspected and cleared of mold problems.