I would like to thank the team at Optimum Mold Inspection for the great service they accorded me last week. We discovered a nasty mold problem beneath our kitchen countertop as we were carrying out some appliance upgrades thanks to them. They were able to come around and inspect the entire area during which process they discovered a mold situation we had no idea about. All is fixed now and our kitchen is clean and mold free. Thanks OMI!

Judy (Richmond)

I’m a real estate agent around the San Francisco Bay Area. I regularly call upon Optimum Mold Inspection to carry out spot checks on the properties I’m about to list in order to avoid ‘embarrassments’ down the line. Most of my units are usually okay, but the crew from Optimum is able to sniff out the occasional mold growth and this saves my reputation and my wallet. They are quite dependable and I recommend them to anyone.

Parker (Bay Area)

Last month as were house hunting around Fremont, CA, we came across a listing in Newark that we almost bought. When we commissioned a home inspection we were told to seek a mold inspection in the master bathroom. We found Optimum on the web and they agreed to visit the next day. Turns out all the walls around the master suite were rotten inside out from mold and leaking. We dodged a bullet and saved ourselves thousands of cash. So job well done guys!

Mary & &Bobby (Newark)

I am a housing developer based in San Francisco and I regularly work with Optimum Mold Inspection. I rely on them to inspect my units before they can be refurbished just to make sure I don’t cover up any unforeseen mold areas. They are a very professional team and they have never let me down in all the situations when I have called upon them. I’ll be working with them in the future as well and I look forward to their reliable services.

Gregory (San Francisco)

My wife and I run a bakery in Palo Alto, California. Two months ago we had a mold scare that almost had us shut down by the local health department. We were all very stressed about it and our business was already getting affected. Convinced that we had no mold problems, I was the given the contact details of Optimum Mold Inspection and I asked them to come carry out a thorough inspection. This was done the next day and their report + certificate was able to show that we had no mold on our premises. It was next door!

Hose & Chen (Palo Alto)

I live in a duplex in San Jose and late last year we had a dispute with our landlord about a mold issue that had been developing for quite some time. Having only moved in a month prior, we were convinced that it was an issue that developed before we became tenants there. The property owner refused to carry out repairs and it was only until we had a mold inspection by Optimum that the dispute ended. The inspection showed that the problem was larger than we initially thought and some of the areas had 3+ months rot. Needless to say, the property owner had to foot the repairs.

Molly (San Jose)