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The best San Rafael mold inspection team

We don’t just call ourselves the best for no reason. We have the capacity to back this claim up with hard facts. And our past clients in San Rafael, CA, can attest to this too. When you work with Optimum Mold Inspection, you will never need another company for your mold solutions. We have all the answers you need.

Some of the reasons why we’re the best include:

We’re prompt – We can schedule an inspection team to come to your property within 48hrs of you accepting our quote. And after the inspection you can expect a full report within 5 working days.

We’re professional – We take our job very seriously. Our inspectors are well trained and have the needed experience to uncover mold and water damage issues in any given property.

We’re affordable – We do not charge exorbitant prices for our services. Our rates are affordable and you can request a quote from us to compare with other providers.

We get results – When we inspect your property, we do not just skim over the top. We leave no stone unturned. We thoroughly investigate dampness, humidity, water damage, and the resultant mold infestations.

Areas we serve in San Rafael

Some of the areas we serve in San Rafael include Boyd, Gerstle Park, Red Hill Ave, Lincoln Ave, Black Canyon, McNears Beach, Cerro, Munson Park, Scotty’s Market, Las Gallinas, Southern Heights Ridge, Simms Island, Bay Point, Cardenas Market, Pickleweed Park, and more.

We also serve the areas around San Rafael, e.g. San Anselmo, Los Ranchitos, Santa Venetia, San Quentin, Greenbrae, St. Vincent, and Fairfax.

We’re just across the bridge in Richmond so we’re able to get to our clients in these areas very easily.

Our process

Step one: Call us and ask for a quote. You can also email us or visit our offices.

Step two: We’ll call you and schedule a mold inspection appointment. Sometimes we are able to schedule one on the very same day. In other cases you may have to wait a day or two.

Step three: We’ll come to your premises and conduct a mold inspection over the next 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. We look everywhere from the common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and basements to other areas such as the crawl space and attic.

Step four: we’ll brief you on our findings after we’re done. If we have discovered any mold infestations we’ll be sure to point these out to you.

Step five: We’ll send you a report and a mold inspection certificate.

What next after finding mold?

The next step after finding mold is to have it removed. In some cases you may be able to do this on your own. However, if the mold has invaded structural areas in your home such as the floor, roof, or crawlspace then it’s advisable to hire a mold remediation firm instead. They are trained on how best to handle mold and mold-infested structures.

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We would love to help you with your mold inspection in San Rafael. Give us a call and let us know what you need.