Optimum Mold Inspection is your proud solutions provider when it comes to mold. We know that mold is nasty and dangerous to your health. As the leading indoor air quality (iaq) and mold inspection company in Oakland we would like to invite you to work with us so that you can receive the best services this side of the Bay Area. We offer a professional, transparent, honest, and affordable service like no other.

Professional mold inspections near you

Located in Richmond, CA, we are just a few minutes’ drive away from Oakland. So why would you ever need anyone else when we’re right next door?You wouldn’t. Working with a company near you is cheaper because we do not have to travel far to get to your location. Companies located further out will charge you extra for the time and costs it takes them to get to you.

Also, because we’re just nearby, we can get to you quite fast whenever you make the call to us. And we can be available to you over a longer period because none of our time is being taken up on the road. We can come to your place in the morning or even in the evening. It’s all up to you if you’re in Oakland.

Areas we serve in Oakland, CA

There is no address in Oakland that we cannot come to. As a professional company we are open to all sorts of mold-related enquiries wherever they may be. We will come to your property in Oak Center, Acorn, West Oakland, Prescott, Clawson, Adams Point, Cleveland Heights, Lower Bottoms, Merritt, Clinton, or other sections of Oakland.

We also serve areas surrounding Oakland such as Gaskill, Temescal, Piedmont Avenue, Alameda, San Antonio, Lynn, and Montclair.

If your property is in these areas or nearby, we can definitely be of service to you. Just provide us with your address and we’ll find you.

Why Optimum inspections?

Sure, there are other mold inspection companies around the Bay Area. However, you want to be working with Optimum when you have a mold problem. And there are a few reasons for this:

  • Great rates: We have some of the most competitive rates in the Bay Area; so no need to spend a hefty sum on your inspection when you’ve got us.
  • Friendly service: We offer service with a smile. We may be all about our business but we make sure to take a friendly approach in our work.
  • Thorough inspections: We inspect all the suspect areas without fail.
  • Full post-inspection reports: Get a professional report indicating the results of the mold
  • Mold inspection certificates: Our mold clearance and testing certificates are great for settling disputes or when selling a property.

Give us a call today!

­­­Give us a ring and let us know what mold problems you’re having. We’ll promptly set up an appointment with you and prep our team for a site visit.