Why You Shouldn’t Clean Up Mold By Yourself Without Seeking Professional Help

Monday, November 11th, 2019

Mold is a dreadful intrusion. And yet it has the capability to creep into any domestic or commercial space unannounced. What’s even more dreadful is that thousands of people are living or working in spaces that have mold without them even knowing. Unfortunately, when a good number of these people discover the mold they take matters into their own hands and try to get rid of it by themselves without seeking proper mold inspection or mold testing services. Are you guilty of the same? Here is why that could a big mistake.

Clean mold

Health risks due to unprotected contact with mold
When most people interact with mold in their homes, they do not have the right protective gear on them. Protective gear is very important especially when cleaning or removing fixtures that are infected with it. If you get up close and interact with mold without having the right gear, you will end up breathing in the harmful mold spores and that could pose a number of health risks to you. The most common ones are allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, coughing, sneezing, and inflammation of the respiratory system including the nose, the sinuses, the trachea, and the lungs.

High chances of all mold not being identified and removed
Professional mold inspectors have specialized training and many hours of experience that enables them to find and identify mold wherever it may be within your given premises. Where the average person is likely to overlook the probability of mold, a professional may see something because they know better. What’s more, mold inspectors have specialized equipment that allows them to track mold with precision. They have tools that conduct thermal imaging, test indoor air for mold spores, read moisture levels on various surfaces, and more. Combined, their skills, experience, and specialized tools enable them to identify all mold for removal. However, by yourself you’re highly likely to overlook areas that have mold.

Infestation might reoccur if all causes are not identified
Moisture is the main factor behind mold growth and mold infestation. However, moisture issues can be brought about by various issues such as rising damp, flooding, poor ventilation, condensation, and more. Even after you try to deal with a mold problem on your own, chances are that the same issue will re-occur soon after if the causes are not identified and dealt with. Professional mold inspectors do help you in this regard because they will provide you with a report. In this report they will give information relating to what caused the mold problem in the first place. And that information will help prevent further mold growth, not to mention any further structural damage, repair costs, and inconvenience brought about by the same. When you use the right professionals to find and clear your mold problem you get to know where all the mold is, you prevent a re-infestation, and you keep yourself safe from mold-related health risks. Optimum Inspection is the best when it comes to mold inspection and mold testing San Jose, CA. Call us on (877) 344-9909 now.