The 5 Most Common Hiding Spots For Mold Infestations At Home

Sunday, September 8th, 2019

You probably don’t have any mold in your house. Or do you? You could be having mold infestations allover your house, right under your nose. However, if you know where to look you can ensure that you rid your property of such infestations which could damage your house and contaminate your indoor air. So where could mold be hiding in your house? Check out the most likely spots below.
  1. Under the kitchen sink
The area around the kitchen sink gets a lot of water. It could be water leaking from the faucet, water leaking from the piping, waste water leaking from the drain pipes, water splashing from the sink, or even water dripping off the wet utensils. All that water can invite mold into this area. The area under the sink is especially vulnerable, more so if it’s enclosed with a cabinet and is without sufficient ventilation.  
  1. Bathroom ceiling and walls
The bathroom is another hotspot for mold. And the reason is obvious, there’s a lot of moisture around the bathroom area. If your bathroom has poor ventilation – window is always closed or there’s not enough air coming in – then chances are high that mold could be growing in there. And you do not want to be showering in a bathroom that has mold all over it. The most affected areas are the ceiling and walls because that’s where a lot of the moisture settles after a shower. The floors too can be affected especially if there are leaks around the tiles or shower base.  
  1. Water heater room
If you rarely check on your water heater closet then do not be surprised if you discover traces of mold in there. The water heater area can attract mold growth in two different ways. One, there could be a leak somewhere that is wetting the ground or wall and creating a damp environment for mold to sprout. Two, the water heater could be heating the air around, and due to poor ventilation, that hot air could be condensing into moisture around the walls and ceiling thereby attracting a mold infestation.  
  1. Behind the bathroom vanity
Just like the kitchen sink area, the bathroom vanity gets a lot of action too, from washing your face and brushing teeth to doing some light cleaning. Any leaks around the faucets, wash basins and piping can easily go unnoticed and create a mold-infested zone behind the vanity. That area mostly remains out of sight and often out of mind as well. A moisture reading by a mold inspection unit, however, can quickly unearth such a problem.  
  1. In the basement
Of course, this list would not be accurate if it did not mention the basement. Thanks to low temperatures, rising damp and little or no ventilation, this area is a huge risk when it comes to mold. The mold here will grow on the walls, floor, ceiling, and all over any items stored here. The remedy is to waterproof the space, install a dehumidifier, and maybe create more ventilation outlets.   Remember, even when mold grows without your knowledge, it still poses a high risk to you and your family. That is because the microscopic mold spores are still in the air and you’re breathing them in every day. Avoid that by getting mold testing San Francisco services as soon as possible.